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Hesgon is a well known dedicated manufacturer of Fiberglass, Fiberglass/Polyester and Polyester Narrow Fabrics for the Electrical Insulation, Boat, Tooling, Military, Aerospace, and Oil Industries.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products which meet General Electric, Reliance Electric and Military Specifications.

Our weave patterns include plain, twill, leno, satin and crowfoot in widths up to 12” (304.8 mm).

If you have a special application, we will work with you to meet your requirements.

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Hesgon Manufactured Tapes are currently
in use by the following industries:

• Electrical
• Thermal
• Mechanical
• Military and Aerospace
• Coating and Laminating
• Reinforcing for Plastics
• Marine
• Oil
• Printing
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